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Jeff Hunter
Waterville, Maine
Phone: (207) 200-5280
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Here at Maine DJ, I use only top of the line Professional DJ sound and lighting equipment.

maine dj jeff hunter formerly dj farenheit
Some of these brands include:
Pioneer, Denon, EV Live X Powered Speakers and Subwoofers, Shure wired and wireless microphone systems, QSC Amplifiers, Alienware and BBE just to name a few.

Everything is kept in great condition, and all of my gear is also "rack mounted" to help conceal wires, and to help give it a professional appearance.

Wires are discretely hidden (no cords hanging in front of the table), and any cords that need to be run behind my DJ area, are taped down using professional grade black gaffers tape.

I arrive at each event at least 2 hours prior to the event start time, so that everything can be set up to have a great appearance, and to have all of my "sound checks" done before any guests arrive.

DJ Lighting
I believe that everyone wants to have a dance floor that is "inviting". In my opinion, having lights at an event makes it easier for people to come out to the dance floor, even if they might be a little shy at first.

Using dance floor lighting will enable the level of the room lights to be dimmed, and my lights are aimed at the dance floor. If you are having your event in the late afternoon, or at night, I definitely think it is an option to consider. (it's a free add-on!)

All lighting is mounted securely on either a lighting "tree" (picture a tripod, with a T-bar on the top of it) or if more lights are requested, I do have professional trussing. Lighting stands are kept behind and raised the DJ area if possible.

Strobe Lights
I get asked about strobe lights quite a bit, so I will try to simply say that: I do not use strobe lights. I avoid using strobes because it may present a health risk to some guests that may be more susceptible to seizures.

Haze and Fog
In the past, I have used haze for a few events (primarily school dances and Proms), but have eliminated using that as well, since many venues have newer fire alarms that will even detect a light haze in the air.

To me, it's not worth the fire alarm going off and the fire department showing up at your event. (It never happened at any of my events, but I have heard of too many stories of it taking place).

Check Availability:
Enter the date of your event below, and find out immediately if your date is available.
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Maine Dj provides DJ services in the Waterville and Central Maine area & beyond