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Jeff Hunter
Waterville, Maine
Phone: (207) 200-5280
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Here are some frequently asked questions:

What kind of music will you play?
Each and every wedding is very different, and I custom tailor each play list in a way, so that your requests are integrated into key moments of the reception. When choosing music selections for dancing; I recommend going with a good variety to cover the wide range in ages of your guests. I have music that ranges all the way back to the 1940's and have all the hits of today as well. Current clients can log into my web site with their password (that they select), and request the music that they would like played during their event, or use the traditional paper version of the reception planner that I give to every client .This will give me plenty of time to make sure I have ALL of the songs that you want. I will do my best to play requests from your guests as well, if you wish. If there are songs that you request that I do not have, I will get them as long as they are readily available for purchase.

Your disc jockey should be able to entertain everyone at your event by gearing music to you and your guests. Their music library should contain everything from big band, oldies and disco to the latest dance, country and rock, and should be on digital compact disc or a high quality quality digital mp3. The disc jockey should be able to provide a list of the music that they will bring to your event.

What music format do you use?
I currently use Professional DJ software (not the free kind that isn't dependable) with high quality 24-bit digital sound cards. The format of MP3 I use are all 320 bitrate (that's the highest quality). I do have a backup hard drive with my music library, as well as on CD just in case.

What if you do not have the song we want?
If I do not have it, I will gladly pick it up if and if I am given enough time to order it, or purchase it legally online. Even though my music library consists of over 39,000 songs, there are songs that I don't mind adding to the library.

Will you meet with us prior to our event?
Absolutely! I recommend meeting at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure that I can be fully prepared, and so that you can review any ideas that we discuss at the meeting.

What will you wear to the event?
I will wear what you feel is more appropriate for your event. If you are having a "laid back" outdoor wedding then it may be more suitable for me to wear khaki pants with a white shirt and tie. If it is held at a private indoor facility, then it may be a dress suit. You may even have a "themed" wedding, in which I would find something that helps me "fit in" with theme. When it is formal attire, I will wear a black dress suit, and tie. I do not wear a tux, so that I will not look the same as the wedding party. This is my standard Wedding attire.

Do you have back-up equipment in case something goes wrong?
Yes, we have many back-up pieces of equipment, and music. If something goes wrong, it can be interchanged with minimal time.

How many weddings have you performed at?
I have been the DJ for over 400 wedding receptions since 1993.

Do you need to take a break?
No. If a meal is provided, I also prefer to sit behind where I am set up, in case I need to make any adjustments to the sound levels, or to take requests for later on in the event. After the meal, I do not sit down. (I do not require a meal, but it is always appreciated).

Will you be bringing anyone with you to help?
Ordinarily, I work alone, but on some occasions, I may have an assistant in case it is a large scale set up or special circumstance. (you do not need to provide a meal for anyone that I bring).

Just a note: I would never bring a potential client to any private event. It is simply unprofessional.

Do you have a contract?
Absolutely! I will not DJ an event without a contract, and you should never hire anyone for your wedding without one. You will have all of the details and rates in front of you, so there will never be any questions on when or how much I will charge you. You will pay the amount that is stated on the contract that you sign.

Here Are Some Other Great Things About Jeff Hunter of
  • I will be the DJ for your event. I will never "subcontract" your event to someone else, since I am the one you are hiring. I have also never canceled a gig in since 1993.
  • A set up that looks great. I arrive very early to make things look great.
  • A wireless microphone for toasts and blessings and other announcements.
  • Helpful song lists that will make the music selection less of a hassle.
  • Referrals from previous clients and banquet facilities that will recommend my services.
  • I will meet with you ahead of time to go over everything, and plan the details of your event. We will share ideas, and come up with a "Script" that is the best for YOU.
  • I will oversee and coordinate the events of your reception with your other vendors to make sure we are all on the same page, so that you can concentrate on having fun with your family and guests. It's your day!
  • I will be the Master of Ceremonies and handle all of the announcements during the reception.
  • I will play the music at an appropriate level at all times. Soft during social hour and dinner, a bit louder for dancing…You control the volume levels.
  • Vast music selection to cater to many different ages of guests.
  • I'll play what you and your guests want, and won't waste your time on songs that "might" work.
  • I will play requests, if permitted and if appropriate.
  • The highest in quality equipment. I update my equipment constantly, so that it stays in the best condition.
  • I have friends that are DJ's across the country, and we share ideas, and I share those ideas with my clients.
  • I treat my clients with respect and like a friend. Your event is the "ultimate" reception every time I go out!
  • I have many contingency plans that will help in the flow of the event in case something in your timeline needs to be altered.
  • Many hours of preparation are put into each event to help ensure everything goes smoothly during the event.
  • I am married myself, and I know how special a wedding day is.
  • I work by contract only. Don't "assume" someone will show up without a contract.
  • I do not expect you to provide a meal for me. You are paying me to be your entertainment, not to eat your food. If you do wish to provide a meal, it is always appreciated, but never expected.
  • I will do what we agree that I will do. Nothing less!
  • A properly attired professional at your event.
  • Polite to you and your guests at all times.
  • I do not ever "Double-Book". (2 events in 1 day) If you want overtime, you can book up to 10 hours of music!
  • Pre-event planning...Clients can log in at any time, and update their event information, as well as request music and change other details 24/7.
  • I will work and keep an open line of communication with the other wedding vendors you have hired, to inform them on what the order of events are and if there are any last minute changes.
  • I will communicate with you during the course of the event, to make sure things run smoothly. If a few minutes to do something are needed, we will make the time to make sure it's right. It's important to me to keep things running smoothly and in a timely manner, while not rushing anything.
  • Backup Equipment and a backup of your playlist
Putting it all together:
Experience, professionalism, vast music selection, personalized service, crowd involvement and use of professional sound and lighting equipment by Jeff Hunter of equal an excellent entertainment value.
Check Availability:
Enter the date of your event below, and find out immediately if your date is available.
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