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Jeff Hunter
Waterville, Maine
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Maine Dj does ... Weddings!

dj services for weddings in maine

Congratulations on getting married!

You have come to someone who truly believes that you deserve a wonderful wedding day.

To The Future Bride & Groom:
We at, and other DJ's alike, steer toward producing a fun and festive event. While I always look forward to creating a fun-filled, great time for the client and their guests, I also keep in mind not to go "overboard". This in my opinion would be using corny props (inflatable items) that may divert the attention from you at your reception. I believe that it is YOUR day, and the celebration should be for you. Weddings need to be looked at with great care, and respect, and also to never steal the "spotlight" from the bride and groom. Many clients have envisioned their special day for years, and I would not want to give them anything less.

We hear of too many wedding DJs that have large egos try to steal the spotlight for their own gain. I have been asked if I am "One of those DJ's" that talks on the microphone too much. My answer is NO. I will make all of the necessary announcements (that we agree upon in the planning stages) to make sure that your guests are always informed on what is going on. I am there to make the important announcements and to play the music that you and your guests will enjoy. It's never my agenda to steal the show, but will talk when the times are right. In my opinion, this is YOUR wedding and you deserve the focus on you, and not me.

Not every wedding is the same...
We do offer a 'fun, yet professional approach when it comes to weddings. We like to emphasize a professional touch of class rather than turn it in to a circus. This goes from coordinating each and every event that you choose to take place at your wedding to choosing the right song for the right time later on in the event. If your dream wedding is "classy and conservative", then that is what will be provided. It is (remember) YOUR wedding and all of the arrangements that we have discussed, will take place.

If you would like a little bit more of a "party atmosphere", we'll be glad to work with you to create the mood you desire for your reception. We currently offer a complete light show show as a part of the package. (Many weddings choose something minimal or none at all, which is completely fine).

At the same time, we like to create a "family friendly" atmosphere so that guests of all ages can have fun and not worry about hearing offensive, inappropriate music. All songs (unless specifically requested in writing) are the "Radio Friendly" versions, in case your grandparents or young children may be listening.

I like to try to arrange a pre-wedding meeting, to find out what your visions of your wedding will be. If you are looking for something more "laid back" or for more of an "all-out party" we can work with you to make it a reality. I can be a "low-key" DJ only making the few necessary announcements, or having me try to involve the crowd a little more that will help keep the crowd energized. In most cases, people go for something in between.

Check Availability:
Enter the date of your event below, and find out immediately if your date is available.
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